Wednesday, February 22, 2017

PDQ Progress

P.D.Q.= Parts Department quilt, pretty darn quick!

To recap, last week I started with a couple of chicken themed orphan blocks out of my Parts Department. They ended up creating this medallion:

I decided to build another strippy version quilt rather than a medallion quilt. To that end I added only to the top and bottom of the original square. I pulled more blocks out of the Parts Dept. but had to make a couple of new ones for a more cohesive look. (Yes, even with a multitude of scraps you can achieve a cohesive design!)

Another goal was to use up some of the scrap strips in my collection. I had Chinese Coin iterations on my mind but ended up making half log cabin blocks instead.

This made a nice dent in my inventory of 6" scrap blocks. :- )

I used a handful to top off what I've been thinking of as the central column for this quilt.

There's a similar row at the bottom of the column. The rest of the blocks were divided into two groups for secondary columns. To achieve the same length as the middle column I had to throw in the occasional extra strip.

Naturally, I can't get the whole thing into one picture!

Hopefully you get the idea. The challenge now is to decide how wide to make the vertical sashing and borders. And whether to make them whole cloth or out of more scrap strips. Or whether to use vertical sashing at all! I need to get this finished up p.d.q. as now there's a wedding quilt to build for an April wedding. :- )

I've just found out about Kat's Sew Some Love link parties on Wednesdays. Since this quilt top is intended for donation through this year's Hands2Help quilt drive I'm linking up!

Linking to Quilting is More Fun than Housework where quilts from orphan blocks are being featured. ;-) 

Sunday, February 19, 2017

SAL in February

Since I've been sharing my embroidery and linking up with Slow Sunday Stitching on Kathie's blog I was afraid I wouldn't have much to share to day. For those who haven't been here since the last SAL I finished up the two needlepoint cases I've been working on.

You've seen the crown in stages. I used an iridescent floss within the crown to represent diamonds. I think the heat from blocking the finished case with steam may have taken the shine out of it however.

I'm not sure you've seen this second case, at least not as frequently. I acquired the two kits at the same time, and both of them needed tweaking, in my opinion, in terms of design and colors.

I found it difficult to see the tulip clearly in the original version of this design so I simplified the  color application significantly. These cases are now in the hands of their new owners (or the postal service; I haven't heard that they've been received yet).

After the completion of these two small cases (they're each about 4.5" x 3.5") I was at something of a loss as to what to tackle next. That's when I decided to add more puppies to the dish towel I've been embroidering.

Well actually, I added the puppies after placing a couple of orders online for new embroidery projects. ;- ) I couldn't find a needlepoint design I was willing to tackle but I did find this pre-finished pillow cover to embroider, from Sublime Stitching.

It came with packets of floss in various shades but without clear instructions as to which color goes where. There were more skeins of floss than the pattern requires. Not a big deal really, I just haven't taken the time to decide which colors to use where. It will be a happy project to work on though.

The other embroidery project I ordered came from Estelle in France, via Etsy.

I was looking for another image entirely to be part of a wedding quilt for our newly-engaged niece. So far that remains a complete fail. But when I saw this I fell in love with it! Even if I don't use it in the wedding quilt I will enjoy stitching it and having it in our own  home. :- )

This post is part of a world-wide group of stitchers who update us on their progress every three weeks. Our next post will be on 12 March. I invite you to take a world tour to see some amazing needlework!

Saturday, February 18, 2017

And Still More Scraps

The Rainbow Scrap Challenge color of the month is anything in the aqua to teal range. I don't have a lot of scraps left in those colors after making blocks for Kate's quilts to raise money for ovarian cancer research and treatment in Australia. I have managed to produce these however:

There might be a couple more small blocks before the month is over but unless I break into yardage this is pretty much it. On the other hand, I'm beginning to put some of the blocks in my Parts Department (where my orphan blocks go to live until they're needed) to good use. I had two of these Arrowhead blocks featuring chicken prints.

They finish at 16" each. There are a handful of other blocks featuring chickens too but they didn't play well with the Arrowheads. Which is probably why the original project stalled in the first place!

This is a 10" block. I figured if I made another 10" block I could set them in a four patch arrangement with the Arrowheads.

I framed the smaller blocks with another chicken print and then used the rusty print to make the composition 36" square, an easier number to build upon.

At this point I had to decide how I wanted to make this big enough for a twin bed. I did a little blog surfing and came across the Ad Hoc Improv Quilters Chinese Coins invitational. While I'm not officially participating in that effort it did give me ideas for this project. I've decided to make another strippy quilt, this time featuring a wide central column and two narrower side columns. The first step was to lengthen this square medallion. I did that with 3x6" flying geese units. Now it's 36" wide and 42" tall. In a few days I'll show you what I've done since then. Today I'm linking up with the RSC quilters so you can pop over there to see what everyone else is doing with their aqua and teal scraps. :- )

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Scrap Happy in February

It's that time again! Time to show you what I've been doing with my scraps that don't fall into the Rainbow Scrap Challenge category. Last month I started making Scrappy Trip blocks out of random 3" strips. I've made four more since then.

That gives me a total of fourteen so far:

You can see that I've also made a Hole int he Barn Door and Shoo-fly block out of scraps. By the way, if you've got scraps Bonnie K. Hunter's is a great resource for ways to organize and use them.

Kate and Gun have a list of others who may be sharing how they're using up their leftovers bits and pieces. We're all around the world, from Gun in Sweden to Kate in Australia. Pop over and have a look! And then come back on the 15th of March to see how many more Scrappy Trips I've made. ;- )

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Slow Sunday Stitching

I decided to add more of the Cocker Spaniel puppies to my dish towel. I'm using this set of transfer patterns from Aunt Martha's collection:

You may remember this first one that I placed diagonally on one corner.

I was able to place three more puppies across the bottom edge of the towel. I've cut away the text that accompanies the patterns.

The little guy with the butterfly on his tail backs up to the completed puppy in the corner.

And this one with his nose in the bush is on the extreme left of the towel. So far one dog has black eyes and one has brown. The pattern suggests blue as an eye color but that seems out of place to me. I've never seen a Cocker yet that had blue eyes! I'll be stitching the rest of these designs in basic primary colors. This is meant to be relaxing after all. :- )

I'm linking up with other slow stitchers over at Kathy's Quilts.